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COF Testing

Nu-Safe's Products are NFSI Certified for "High Traction"

COF Testing

Nu-Safe has performed over 2 million Coefficient of Friction (COF) tests for organizations throughout North America including resorts, restaurants, airports, casinos, cruise ships, time shares, and many other types of retailers. Our Nu-Safe Certified Walkway Specialists™ have been trained to collect data that provides a real world snapshot of walkway surfaces for wet and dry conditions.

We have been working over the years with several insurance companies and independent brokers in order to help create safe walkways for guests and employee's. Nu-Safe's expertise in walkway standards and regulatory definitions for the various COF values are recognized in the legal and Risk Management community as superior in content.

Working exclusively with defense teams, Nu-Safe's knowledge of what COF value is applicable to which type floor surface is invaluable. Our reports are detailed and comprehensive. They contain a compilation of experience of over 20 years from first hand knowledge concerning the regulatory requirements that are used by regulatory bodies.

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COF Testing:

Content for COF Testing

Nu-Safe Floor Solutions draws on it's experience of over 20 years when engaged to perform walkway safety COF testing. Our approach provides a COF Profile™ of the floor surface that gives a snapshot of how safe a walkway surface is under multiple circumstances. Collecting COF data when a test is performed and providing a comprehensive, detailed report that is easy to understand, enables the stakeholders of a facility or corporation to assess the level of risk the surface may pose for walkway safety.

In addition to our detailed COF report, Nu-Safe provides consultation services that explain exactly what the results of the report will mean to a company or corporation.

Please contact our office for further information. Our technicians are trained and certified to perform COF testing, using several types of slip testers.