Anti-Slip Treatment Program

Nu-Safe's floor treatment program has helped hundreds of businesses reduce their slip and falls by a significant amount.

Program Snapshot

• Identify / Establish Baseline COF
• Anti-Slip Treatment / Sealant
• Employee Training
• On-site Inspections to Evaluate COF Numbers
• Customer service follow up by phone or email

Step 1

A Certified Nu-Safe Technician applies the Nu-Safe Anti-Slip treatment to the floor surfaces.

The treatment time and dilution of product is carefully monitored by skilled professionals giving the floor surface an optimal COF to make floors safer. Technicians use the BOT 3000E to monitor the floor surface. After the application detailed instructions, manuals, and posters are left with the management team and reviewed with personnel on staff.

After the treatment is completed the Nu-Safe team performs COF tests according to current ANSI Standards to verify the enhanced traction of the floor surfaces for your safety records.
  Step 2

On-Site inspections are performed annually during the warranty period.

Nu-Safe Certified Technicians visit your facility and using current ANSI Standards and the BOT 3000E measure the COF of the treated areas. This visit will also entail meeting with management and EVS staff to discuss the areas treated and review proper cleaning protocol and maintenance of the treated areas.

This documentation provides critical information for your management team. Reducing slip and falls made simple with increasing COF and continuing to keep awareness high at the property and identifying any areas needing attention before they become a real concern.

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