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What Does NU-SAFE Offer Your Business?

Nu-Safe offers Floor Safety Programs to increase slip resistance on various floor surfaces. The Coefficient of Friction (COF) is a measurement that records how slip-resistant a floor surface is when it is wet or contaminated. Our technicians are trained and certified to ensure the measurements are reliable and are specific to ANSI and ASTM Standards. The BOT3000E has passed ASTM's precision and bias requirements and is capable of measuring the static (SCOF) and dynamic (DCOF) Coefficient of Friction.

Anti-Slip Treatment – A Nu-Safe technician applies the anti-slip treatment to the floor surfaces and information regarding the treatment is left with the manager on duty at the time of the installation. DCOF testing is completed in each zone (before and after anti-slip treatment is applied) SCOF testing is included only if requested. The treatment carries a warranty and follow up onsite inspections are performed annually until the warranty expires. Upon inspection, the technician performs COF tests on specific areas that were treated.

Floor Safety Program Guidance – A Nu-Safe Representative works closely with your Facilities
personnel prior to anti-slip treatment to develop a safety policy and procedure specific to each client, when requested. Most companies have their own policies in place, so we provide additional education regarding floor safety and proper maintenance of the treatment with the
correct cleaning procedures and cleaning agents.

COF Evaluation – An evaluation/walkway audit is completed in different zones (areas within a location) to obtain COF numbers to determine if your floors are aligned with ANSI and ASTM Standards for walkways. This helps provide our clients with hard data on slip resistance values throughout their facility. If slip resistant values need improvement, recommendations are suggested so attention can be given to those areas. DCOF testing is completed using a rubber sensor in accordance to the ANSI B101.3 and/or ANSI A137.1. / A326.3 SCOF testing is completed using a neolite sensor as directed by the ANSI B101.1 Standards.

COF Testing of Sample Tiles - We offer COF testing in our test lab. If you plan to replace tiles in your facility and the COF evaluation results are not in high traction range based on the ANSI Standards, Nu-Safe can treat the tiles prior to installation.
  What Floor Safety Products Does NU-SAFE Offer?

RED-X™ – Do It Yourself anti-slip floor treatment used commercially.

Friction® – Specialty floor cleaner that enhances traction on all floor finishes and marbles. Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute Certified as 'High Traction' .
Improves the COF of floor surfaces and increases slip resistance.

MainTain™ – "High Traction" floor cleaner used for deep cleaning.  Improves COF and increases slip resistance on ceramics and hard stones. Certified by National Floor Safety Institute.

Tile & Concrete Cleaner™ – Traction enhancing daily cleaner and degreaser, removes build-up, improves COF, and increases slip resistance on ceramics and hard stones. Tested by two independent engineering firms to increase COF.

Is NU-SAFE A Franchised Company?

Nu-Safe is not a franchise company. All work is performed by our highly trained certified technicians. When our technicians are on-site you can have full confidence they are experienced floor safety specialists with the best interest of your team members and clients safety. Our technicians value and appreciate your trust in our expertise. Our company performs background checks, drug tests and employees are bonded and insured. If your company requires multiple bids for projects please request references, how long the company or franchise has been in business, how many square feet have their team members treated. In the last five years alone our crew members have treated over 2,000,000 square feet.

If they say the treatment lasts forever, who will warrant that treatment if they go out of business in 2 years? We have been in business since 1995. We receive calls from facilities that have hired outside distributors who are inexperienced and have not had extensive training. As a result, they have paid for a treatment that was not effective and floors are ruined.

So please contact NU-SAFE, a company that is 100% committed to providing quality service. We only do floor safety. We don't clean buildings, wash windows, pour concrete or lay tile on the side. We only focus on floor care treatments, traction enhancing floor cleaners and floor safety evaluations.

What Does NU-SAFE Not Warrant?

Nu-Safe Floor Solutions, Inc. does not guarantee you will not slip and fall. People will continue to slip and fall on ice, food debris, and many other reasons.

What we state is: your chance of falling on a wet, properly maintained smooth hard-mineral surface will be greatly reduced when the Coefficient of Friction is increased by the Nu-Safe Floor Treatment.

It's similar in principle to a safety-belt; a safety-belt won't prevent all injures, but it most certainly reduces them.

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