Nu-safe making floors safer

  Saturday May 25 2019  

Satisfied Partners

Nu-Safe has consistently been called "Best in Class" for over 21 years.

Satisfied partners include hotels, theme parks, retail stores, airports, grocery stores, schools, medical facilities,
hospitals, and more.

• "We are very pleased..."
     Larry Carrico - Courtyard by Marriott

• "After implementing two different Nu-Safe floor safety programs over 8 years ago, our organization has realized dramatic reductions in slip and falls."
     Pat Ross, Environmental Director - Large Retail Chain

• "...great job..."
     Mark Tullis - LaRosa's

• "[Nu-Safe] embodies many similar characteristics that are harmonious with our own core values and two that come to mind are PAPA and Attitude. Year after year [Nu-Safe] continue(s) to quietly and behind the scenes support the Papa John's family in an area of greatest concern, which is the welfare of our team members."
     Vicki Quire, Director of Equipment Resources - Papa John's

• "Over eleven years ago Nu-Safe brought their holistic approach to help Papa John's control over-exposure and reduce our Cost Of Risk regarding slip and fall injuries. We have reduced slips and falls by more than 69%. Nu-Safe has repeatedly demonstrated their value-added professional approach by assisting us in mitigating our exposure."
     Tom Thompson, Risk Management Consultant-Instructor "Slice of Appreciation Award" - Papa John's Pizza

• "After partnering with Nu-Safe Floors, slips and falls are no longer an asset drain to our company. Our homeowners, guests, and our employees, walk with confidence on wet surfaces throughout our resorts nationwide. We have reduced slips and falls by over 95% since beginning the Nu-Safe Floor Safety Program."
     Brian Siegel, Risk Manager - Westgate Resorts

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