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1.) RED-X™ Anti Slip Floor Treatment

1.) RED-X™ Anti Slip Floor Treatment
RED-X™ is a biodegradable antislip floor treatment that features unique technology that can be applied by you and your staff to make hard tile and concrete floors less slippery when they are wet and contaminated. RED-X™ has been commercially used on over 9 million square feet of tile around the globe.

RED-X™ is formulated without harmful acids. The tread pattern it creates cannot be discerned with the human eye but when wet the increased traction creates a much safer floor to walk on.

Features Include:
1. Easy to use and simple to apply by your staff without special equipment
2. Just use straight from the bottle
3. Clean the floor as usual, before application of Red-X™
4. No change to the surface appearance
5. No color change; No burnt surface; No white residue
6. Can be used indoors or outdoors
7. Rejuvenates old and worn tiles

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  RED-X™ Anti Slip Floor Treatment Instructions

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