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3.) MainTain™

3.) MainTain™
NFSI Certified


For general cleaning, mix at 4 to 6 oz per gallon of water depending on degree of soil.


For grease removal, mix at 6 to 8 oz per gallon of water depending on the build-up.


For kitchen and food processing areas, use concentrate full strength to remove baked-on grease and carbon. Scour as needed with abrasive pad. To remove greasy soil from painted surfaces, mix with 8 to 10 oz per gallon of water. Food contact surfaces should be rinsed with potable water.


Apply with a mop, cloth, sprayer, pressure washer, or steam cleaner. Allow to stand for 5 to 10 minutes. Let the cleaner do the work. Agitate as needed. Remove dirty solution or rinse with cold or hot water.


MainTain™ will help increase traction on ceramic tiles commonly found in bathrooms and shower rooms. Using MainTain™ at 10 oz. per gallon of water, simply flood the floor surface with the diluted MainTain™ and allow to stay on floor for approximately 10 minutes. Scrub the floor with a deck brush or a doodle bug, agitating the product aggressively. Rinse when completed.

USDA approved for use in federally inspected food processing plants.

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