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Nu-Safe's Products are NFSI Certified for "High Traction"

Benefits to our Partners

Research shows that implementing a scientific, measurable, evaluated and documented Nu-Safe program that identifies and helps prevent the causes of slips and falls helps enable you to reduce injuries, insurance premium dollars and out of pocket costs. By doing so, you will be protecting your employees, customers, and future profits.


Safer floors can help reduce worker injuries and work days lost, decrease paperwork of accident reports, and associated Workers Comp and insurance costs. Documentation of a floor safety program is powerful evidence against claims of negligence leveled in a lawsuit. Peace-of-mind and financial well-being are more likely to exist when Nu-Safe works with customers to make floor safety a priority.


Nu-Safe maintains an up-to-date industry database, which includes on-site "before" and "after" data showing results from implementing a floor safety program. Reduced slip/fall incidents, employee downtime, and Workers Comp/insurance premiums are typical benefits. Nu-Safe's on-going floor safety program rounds out the approach, and assures long-term customer support.


Inspections, problem prevention, monitoring for OSHA and ADA compliance, and thorough documentation, provide reassurance to facility owners, managers, insurance boards, and regulatory agencies that facility floors are safe.


Case Studies: Insurance Claim Reductions with Anti-Slip Program

National Pizza Chain
National Pizza Chain Case Study


National Resort Chain
National Resort Chain Case Study


National Grocery Chain