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Our mission at Nu-Safe is to assist clients in developing a comprehensive slip fall prevention program as well as adhering to current walkway standards.  

Our Services

Nu-Safe offers a full range of services for all of your floor safety needs. We offer proven floor treatment methods that raise slip resistance along with effective training of client in-house or outsourced staff. Our staff of certified Nu-Safe Floor Safety Technicians provide superior service and knowledge of floor surfaces. Each job is tested after completion to ensure the project is left with COF results from the BOT 3000E Tribometer according to ANSI standards. We also offer auditing of existing floors as well as testing tiles before they are installed to ensure they meet the needs of the property.

  What is the “Coefficient of Friction"?

The Coefficient of Friction (COF) is a term which assigns a value of resistance to movement between two surfaces. When the COF is measured with two surfaces in relative motion, it is called the "Dynamic Coefficient of Friction" (DCOF). Industry consensus has demonstrated that the DCOF value is a more realistic evaluation of the slippery condition of the floor surface since the majority of all slip and fall events happen when the individual is in motion.

  Our Products

In addtion to Nu-Safe Anti-Slip Treatments and COF Testing, we offer a line of traction enhancing floor care products. Our product line includes a DIY product RED-X™, as well as traction enhancing floor cleaners for all types of surfaces. Please consult the product pages to see if Friction®, Nu-Safe Tile Cleaner or MainTain® is the right product for your floors. We want to be your full service provider to help you make your floors safer for your team members and guests.
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